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Why You Should be “Clean & Salt Free All Winter Long”

When we talk about “Clean and Salt Free All Winter Long,” it is more than just a clever line.

The reality of living in the Northeast United States is that we will have to deal with winter weather and all that comes with it for at least six months of the year.

Ok, that may have been an exaggeration.

In our part of the world, road salt is a way of life to help us get around in the winter when snow and ice are covering the roads. But if we don’t take the time to clean off that salt, our vehicles begin to suffer. This is because salt creates chemical reactions that can corrode your car.

Rust can develop anywhere snow, moisture, and road salt accumulates. This is especially true for any exposed metal. This corrosion can then cause severe damage and lead to costly repairs.

CBS Mornings reported on what salt and brine can do and how you can prevent damage to your vehicle.

Two car parts that are particularly susceptible to corrosion and rust are the brake and fuel lines. That’s because they’re close to the undercarriage of the car, which takes the brunt of the road salt damage.

Luckily, Hoffman Car Wash has everything you need to stay “Clean and Salt Free All Winter Long.”

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