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Frequently Asked Questions

Car Wash FAQs

You’ll be greeted by a friendly, professional team that will guide you through your car wash journey. Just put your vehicle in neutral and leave the rest to us. 


Yes. For safety reasons, there must be a driver at the wheel. 

We offer towel drying for all full-service washes while the vehicle is still in our possession. Exterior customer can feel free to bring their own towel to dry, if they’d like to.

Yes. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Hoffman Car Wash offers interior cleaning at our Full Service locations.

We do provide self-service vacuums at all our locations.  

Our cleaning products are manufactured to the highest standards for Hoffman Car Wash. They are made exactly to our specifications to ensure that they are the safest, most effective products available.

When you drive into a touch free car wash, the system wets your car, rinses off loose grime, applies cleaning agents, rinses them away, and then applies specialty treatments, such as wax or tire foam. Once complete, our Turbo Dry takes over before you leave the tunnel with a smile.

We accept most cars, vans and trucks up to 84 inches in height. Unfortunately, we cannot wash trucks with dual wheels. We guarantee the safety of all factory-installed equipment in proper working order.

Almost certainly. All we ask is that the pickup bed be empty before going through the wash. This is for the safety of your vehicle, and those of other customers. Also, some side-mirrors are incompatible with our process, and certain types of modifications that employ oversized or off-road tires or radically raised suspensions may not be compatible.
Yes. Please make sure that the roof is properly latched.
Yes. Most car makers caution against automatic washes that use acids on polished aluminum wheels, since these can stain – or carbon or plastic tire brushes, which can scratch. At Hoffman Car Wash we use no such acids, and only soft cloth washing material; so your wheels are perfectly safe.
Yes. However, once the integrity of windshield glass is compromised by rock chips (even very small ones), it becomes more susceptible to changes in temperature. So, while you may wash your vehicle with windshield damage, cracks or chips may expand. It’s always best to repair or replace a damaged windshield immediately.

Aftermarket products such as CB and cell phone antennas should be removed before washing.

Unlimited FAQs

You can join the Unlimited Wash Club at any Exterior or Full Service location and here on

You can use your Unlimted Wash Club membership at any Exterior or Full Service location. 

Click here to find a location near you

You can modify your membership by clicking here and filling out the form. 

Please note: Location managers and staff are unable to cancel Unlimited Wash memberships.

You can modify your membership by clicking here and filling out the form. 

No, your Unlimted Wash Club membership is only valid on one vehicle. 

We are currently working on a customer portal through which customers will be able to manage their Unlimited memberships. In the meantime, you may cancel by reaching out to our Customer Care Team between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, or you may submit a cancellation request online at Please note that submissions outside of standard business hours will not be processed until the following business day. Refunds are not available for accounts that are not cancelled prior to billing.