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About Hoffman Car Wash

History of Our Company

Since building their first self-service car wash in 1965, the Hoffman family has grown and nurtured a business that not only sets the standard for a region, but is recognized as one of the premier family-owned car care companies in the nation. It is a business built on treating customers and employees fairly.

When asked about what is the key to the company’s success, Tom Hoffman Sr.’s response is always, “People. You have to have good people.” Building on this basic premise has made the Hoffman name synonymous with quality and care.

The Company currently operates full service and exterior car wash facilities, as well as providing customers with interior cleaning and express detail services. In addition, self-service wash sites and Jiffy Lube service centers round out the business – all having the same goal of providing customers with the highest quality in vehicle appearance and express maintenance services. In 2013 we added our first J.D. Byrider franchise, helping people purchase quality, pre-owned vehicles while their credit is being rebuilt.

On the people side, we have grown to over 700 employees and over 30 locations across the state of New York, and provide not only full-time career opportunities with a wide range of employee benefits, but also flexible part-time employment for both teenagers and adults. We are proud of the employment opportunities that we provide and are equally proud of the contributions our employees make to the community.


Below is a list of when each of our locations was opened, dating all the way back to 1965.

ColonieSelf Service1967
LathamSelf Service1967
SchenectadySelf Service1976
LathamFull Service1977
East GreenbushExterior1979
ColonieFull Service1980
WynantskillSelf Service1980
HudsonSelf Service1982
KingstonSelf Service1984
GuilderlandJiffy Lube1996
East GreenbushJiffy Lube1996
LathamJiffy Lube1996
Clifton ParkFull Service1996
Clifton ParkJiffy Lube1996
HudsonJiffy Lube1997
DelmarJiffy Lube1997
WiltonJiffy Lube2000
KingstonJiffy Lube2001
ColonieSelf Service2002
ColonieJiffy Lube2002
QueensburyJiffy Lube2003
Saratoga SpringsExterior2017