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Our Greatest Car Wash Ever

Kevin Zalaznik

Kevin Zalaznik

Marketing Director
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Truck with Ceramic

A car wash so good we put our signature on it. Introducing the highly anticipated Signature package! In addition to tire shine, wheel cleaning, and hot carnauba wax, the package includes all-new Ceramic Shield & Shine + Rain-X. The new offering is part of a much larger overhaul of the Hoffman Car Wash lineup.

The Signature package not only protects your vehicle, but leaves it with a next-level shine that is deeper and richer than anything you’ve ever experienced.

Signature Menu Options

Individuals can purchase an individual Signature wash for $24 (+tax) or enroll in the monthly Unlimited Wash Club for less than 2 washes at $45.99 (+tax).

• What is Ceramic Shield & Shine + Rain-X?

Ceramic Shield & Shine does an exceptional job of repelling dirt, water, and grime. It adds a UV ray protection layer, dries remarkably well, and leaves your vehicle with a long-lasting, clear and deep shine.

With the magic of Rain-X, water balls up into spheres when it hits your windshield and essentially runs off when driving. Rain-X dramatically improves all-weather visibility, safety, and driving comfort.

• Where to Find?

The Signature package is available at all Exterior and Full Service tunnel locations.

Vets Wash Free

Vets Wash Free On Veterans Day

Veterans and Active Duty Military receive a free car wash and/or a $9.99 Signature Service Oil Change on Veterans Day (November 11th).