A Blooming Business

A Blooming Business.

rive past any Hoffman Car Wash or Hoffman Jiffy Lube and you’ll see an incredible array of vibrant colors and lush greens that have become a signature feature of the locations.

“Our landscaping is part of our brand,” Tom Hoffman Sr., co-founder of Hoffman Development Corporation, said.  “It doesn’t come easily, but we take pride in it and it’s something we take very seriously. It’s very much a part of our image in the community.”

Tom Sr.’s initial inspiration came from attending car wash shows in Las Vegas and seeing the intricate and meticulously maintained landscaping surrounding the casinos. He undertook the project himself in the beginning, but as the business grew, so too did the grounds keeping requirements, which meant handing the role over to an expert. That role is now occupied by Scott Kelley, who has been with Hoffman Development for the last 24 years.

“When I started, Tom would have everything organized and the flowers already ordered, so it was just a matter of planting them,” Kelley said. “Now we have a crew of four full-time employees and we have two of our own greenhouses. We grow about 15 different varieties of flowers to add to the tropical plants and other flowers we bring in, which all help deliver that curb appeal.”


While Tom Sr. is less involved in the planning and plant selection, he still keeps a sharp eye on the landscaping at each Car Wash and Jiffy Lube location. He has adopted the nickname of “The Flower Cop,” which was given to him because of his ability to spot wilting flowers from the road while driving past a location.

Hoffman Development’s commitment to the upkeep of its greenery, the large variety of flowers selected, and the purposefully intertwined bursts of color and the extensive maintenance serve more than just aesthetic purposes.  According to corporation President Ron Slone, they are a reflection of the company’s entire ideology.

“We are committed to quality at every level – quality of facilities, quality of the people, quality of the service – and we want that to show through,” he said. “Organizationally, we have a lot of pride in what we do, and our hope is that pride comes through the moment you come onto our properties.”

Next time you visit a Hoffman Car Wash or Hoffman Jiffy Lube be sure to take a moment … soak up the scenery … and fill up your senses.

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