COVID-19 Customer Update

• All Hoffman Car Wash Exterior and Full Service locations have closed per the state mandate.

• Hoffman Car Wash Touch Free and Self Service bays are open, accepting credit card only where available. Coin-operated vacuums are also available at select locations. Unfortunately, we have no way of reading Unlimited Members’ barcodes at these locations. Troy’s wash bays will not reopen.

• All Hoffman Jiffy Lube locations have been deemed essential business and remain open (Daily 8am – 5 pm).

Hoffman Car Wash

Hoffman Car Wash Exterior, Full Service and Flex Service locations are closed per the state’s mandate.

Self Service, Touch Free and coin-operated vacuums (select locations) are available for use. Credit card only where available.

Unlimited Members & 90 Day Members

• During the closure, all Unlimited Membership billing will be placed on hold and will not be automatically charge until the state-wide mandate is lifted on non-essential businesses.

• All 90 Day Unlimited Members will have their accounts extended 14 days. Further extensions may occur if the state-wide mandate last longer than two weeks.

Hoffman Jiffy Lube

• Hoffman Jiffy Lube has been deemed an essential business by New York State and all locations will remain open. We will continue to provide the safest environment possible.

• Customers have the option to remain in their vehicles during their service. For safety, a Jiffy Lube associate will drive the vehicles in and out of the service bay. Once the vehicle is in position and has been turned off, customers may re-enter their vehicle.

• All Hoffman Jiffy Lube locations have temporarily discontinued vacuuming the inside of vehicles.

Additional Protocol

• On an hourly schedule, all locations have begun disinfecting known touch points: door handles, chair arms, bathroom sinks, countertops, window sills, etc. Representatives will use nitrile gloves when disinfecting and will discard the gloves and wipes upon completion.

• On a daily schedule, all locations are using a disinfecting spray (Quat) on all non-porous surfaces and wiping with a paper towel. The spray is used on all tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, faucets, sinks, phones, keyboard and mouse, window sills and chair arms.

• We have asked employees who feel ill to stay at home. Additionally, we encourage any employees who show symptoms or come into contact with infected individuals to stay home and follow the CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of the infection.

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